S4ALL, “The sport 4(for) all begins”, is a small collaborative partnership between; Club Korfbal Badalona, Spain, Terres en Meleès, France, and Special Olympics Romania, coordinated by La Rotllana, Spain, that seeks to promote together the social inclusion through the sport activities using the non-formal education methodology.

The project is based on the idea to put the “sport to the services of the citizens and their communities”. For this reason, the project aims to teach and train the participants and their organizations to how to promote one vision of the sport participative and open, where sport activity is understood like a value of life. It is important to facilitate the access to the social opportunities to the risk groups: youngsters with social and economic handicaps, people with mental disability and to the refugees and immigrants.

The sport activities is a good tool for strengthen citizens committed to their society. That’s why the project powers the capacitation and knowledges of educative work through the sport of the volunteers that are working like coaches, trainers, or sport educators. The training aims to develop socio-professional skills in the field of educational sport, improving their ability to give personal support to participants, lead groups, it teaches how to manage projects and work in international environments by the diversity. In turn, the project will enhance the integrating role and the vertebration of participating NGOs as local agents for inclusion and socialization through sport, increasing the impact of their actions on their environment.

Finally, the project seeks to promote international cooperation networks through sport, as another tool for growth in values and citizenship of the people, strengthening local communities, and increasing the feeling of positive European identity.

S4ALL, “The sport 4(for) all begins”, will be replicated locally in each of the participating countries looking for a multiplier effect.

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